72 hrs True Italian Food Festival Berlin 2020

16th – 19th September 2020

Almost 60 Italian restaurants, four days and one single price of 7€: it’s the long-awaited fifth edition of the 72 hrs True Italian Food Festival.

From Venetian baccalá mantecato (creamy salted codfish) and sarde in saor (sweet and sour sardines), through Piemontese bagna cauda, cappelletti filled with 30 months aged parmesan and tigelle from Emilia Romagna, Roman supplì and pinsa, Apulian focaccia with burrrata and turnip tops, to the Sardinian culurgiones (ravioli filled with pecorino cheese, potatoes and mint) and Sicilian arancini, panelle, caponata, parmigiana di melanzane and much more: a big party of the Italian cuisine is about to take over Berlin! Starting on Wednesday, September 16th at 5 PM, until Saturday evening, September 19th, 55 Italian restaurants, pizzerias and wine bars will offer a small portion of a selected Italian regional specialty together with an Aperol Spritz, Campari Amalfi (or something else to drink) for just 7€. The event’s goal is to spread the Italian culinary culture abroad, with a focus on special dishes that are not so well known outside of Italy.

The 72 hrs True Italian Food event

To try one of the 55 different combinations of specialties in the True Italian restaurants, the only thing you need to do is to visit one of them, between Wednesday and Saturday evening, and order the True Italian specialty. All these places will also offer their regular menu dishes. Every client will have the chance to choose to stay and try something else or switch to another True Italian restaurant. The event is organized by Berlin Italian Communication within the True Italian project..

The map

In order to facilitate the tasting tour, we will create the 72 hrs True Italian Food map: a Berlin metro map that indicates the location of every place participating at the event. On the other side it will allow you to check all the restaurants’ addresses, as well as their opening times and their True Italian specialty. The map will be available as a online PDF file and on Google Maps and also as a flyer that you can find in all the participating restaurants or at the True Italian office in Gryphiusstr. 23, Berlin Friedrichshain. Don’t throw the map after the event: you can use it all year long to find the best Italian restaurants in Berlin!

Last year’s map:

True Italian Project

True Italian is a network that aims to preserve authentic Italian restaurants found in Germany through its brand (registered in the Deutsches Patent und Markenamt, the German patent and trademarks office), as well as a number of other initiatives and events held throughout the year. The project is pursued by Berlin Italian Communication/Berlino Magazine, a point of reference for the Italians and all those passionate about Italy who find themselves in Berlin. True Italian is made up of all the ambassadors of Italian cuisine who, starting from the produce selection, show their passion for spreading the culture of “good eating”. When we talk about True Italian, not only do we focus on the chef/owner’s nationality but also on their approach to food. Creativity in the recipes and high quality ingredients: these are the key focus points for True Italian restaurants.

72 hrs True Italian Food Festival Berlin 2020

From Wednesday September 16th, 5 PM, to the evening of Saturday, September 19th

In more than 50 Italian restaurants in Berlin

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