Vadolì: with authentic pizza, becoming the best delivery service in Berlin

Vadoli was launched by two entrepreneurs and has gained immense popularity since its opening last year. Propelled by a strong passion for good food, the founders’ plan was to set up a delivery company for authentic pizza in Berlin. In collaboration with internationally renowed food-chefs, Vadoli started developing recipes that are specifically suitable for the[…]

Malafemmena, the real Neapolitan pizza has come to Berlin

Finally, the true Neapolitan pizza has now an ambassador in Berlin. Water, flour, salt, yeast, tomatoes, mozzarella, oil and basil: you do not need many ingredients to make a great Margherita pizza; however, finding an excellent pizzeria (in Italy as well as abroad) can be hard sometimes. Read the article in Italian here. Malafemmena made it![…]

Monella, the delicious Neapolitan Pizzeria in Berlin that pays tribute to Tinto Brass

The name of the restaurant, Monella, it is not by coincidence, and if the first thing that comes to your mind when reading the name is the famous movie of Tinto Brass (late 20s) then you guessed right. “My passions are cinema and Neapolitan pizza” tell us Seba, one of the owners. “When Kate and[…]