Wood-fired oven and 72 hours of rising time: Prometeo’s Neapolitan pizza conquers Berlin

Some pizzas are just unforgettable and so delicious that you cannot wait to eat one again. This was the effect that pizza ”Maria Carolina” (or Neapolitan gateau) made to us. It is hard to say, maybe because of the previously prepared and roasted potatoes, because of the pieces of sausage with finocchiella, placed in gut by[…]

Monella, the delicious Neapolitan Pizzeria in Berlin that pays tribute to Tinto Brass

The name of the restaurant, Monella, it is not by coincidence, and if the first thing that comes to your mind when reading the name is the famous movie of Tinto Brass (late 20s) then you guessed right. “My passions are cinema and Neapolitan pizza” tell us Seba, one of the owners. “When Kate and[…]

Pizzare brings authentic Neapolitan pizza to Berlin. “Our pizzas baking time is just 2 minutes and they are made only with quality ingredients”.

San Marzano Tomato Sauce, buffalo mozzarella (both smoked and white) coming from Roberta di Salerno dairy shop, Gran Biscotto Rovagnati cooked ham (Italian style ham), Parma ham, pistachio nuts from Bronte, Pachino tomatoes, 24 months Parmesan cheese; these are only some of the tasty condiments that characterise Pizzare pizzas. Read the article in Italian and German.[…]