Romoli, the legendary ice cream parlour as well as coffee bar and bistro, now is also in Berlin

“Romoli is also in Berlin”: if you are from Rome, this simple phrase would probably reawaken in you memories of amazing tastes and flavours; instead if you have never heard about it, all you have to know is that Romoli is a real point of reference concerning coffee bars, ice cream parlours and pastry shops[…]

Erste Sahne, an Italian artisan ice cream parlor and patisserie in Berlin.

Authentic and pure flavors can be tasted in Erste Sahne, in Kienitzerstraße 116 – Neukölln. Here, quality and taste are the key words and everything is rigorously natural and gluten-free. In Italy, Domenico Richichi used to work as a technical for RAI – Italy’s national public broadcasting company, while Sara Tricoli used to work as a professor[…]

Tiramisù, bonét, ice-cream and panna cotta: Giorgiolombardi brings the best Italian sweets to Berlin

“Only stupid people are not gluttonous… we are gluttonous like poets, like artists…” wrote Guy De Maupassant. How could we contradict him, as we have transformed one of the main needs – eating – in one of the main pleasure of our days? Italian people pay attention to what they eat since from their childhood[…]