Berlin Ice Cream Week

This event was created in 2020 and despite the Covid-19 pandemic it turned out very good, with 10.000 ice cream scoops sold.

Crazy experimental ice cream flavours and lots of participants: this is the Berlin Ice Cream Week. Each ice cream shop offers 1 scoop of a special flavour for just 1 euro, to let everyone try delicious handcrafted creations.

Here are the numbers from the first edition in 2020:


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special scoops sold

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The event has been featured by these media: Berliner Kurier, B.Z., RBB zibb, RS2, Berliner Zeitung,, MitVergnügen, Berliner Amateurs, Berlin Loves You, Cherry Cross, Eating in Berlin, the_ice_cream_girl, Berlogram, Food Taster Berlin, Foodies Berlin, Foodistisch, Isabel Lannhi, chewchewpop, Berlin Food Ventures, Food in Berlin, Marianne Rennella,

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