Berlin Ice Cream Week

Crazy experimental ice cream flavours and lots of participants: this is the Berlin Ice Cream Week. Each ice cream shop offers 1 scoop of a special flavour for just 1 euro, to let everyone try delicious handcrafted creations. The tour brings people to discover new ice cream shops and the value of the artisan gelato, the representative flavour specially created for the event and 2 challenges that inflame the city (Instagram and stickers collection)!

Here are the numbers from the second edition in 2021:


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The event has been featured by the following media & bloggers: RAI Italian TV, RBB, Tagesspiegel, B.Z., Forum Magazine, 98.8 KissFM, Flux Radio, Berliner Morgenpost, Allgemeine Berliner Zeitung, Visit Berlin, Mit Vergnügen, MSN News, Berlin Loves You, Berlin Amateurs, Forum Magazine, Creme Guide, Kulinariker, Schillers Gourmetreisen, Gourmet Reisen, Amour Food,, Lebensmittel Magazin, Awesome Berlin, Food Verngügen, Ana Vigueras, BRLO Craft Beer, Duki Dao, Emanouela – Doyoumiam, Berlin Foodies, Marianne Rennella, Berlin Vegan Food Guide.

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2020 edition

This event was created in 2020 and despite the Covid-19 pandemic it turned out very good, with 10.000 ice cream scoops sold. 25 ice cream shops, +10k special scoops sold and lots of happiness!

It has been featured by these media: Berliner Kurier, B.Z., RBB zibb, RS2, Berliner Zeitung,, MitVergnügen, Berliner Amateurs, Berlin Loves You, Cherry Cross, Eating in Berlin, the_ice_cream_girl, Berlogram, Food Taster Berlin, Foodies Berlin, Foodistisch, Isabel Lannhi, chewchewpop, Berlin Food Ventures, Food in Berlin, Marianne Rennella,

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