Romoli, the legendary ice cream parlour as well as coffee bar and bistro, now is also in Berlin

“Romoli is also in Berlin”: if you are from Rome, this simple phrase would probably reawaken in you memories of amazing tastes and flavours; instead if you have never heard about it, all you have to know is that Romoli is a real point of reference concerning coffee bars, ice cream parlours and pastry shops[…]

Sironi, the Italian bakery whose bread makes you feel like home

Genoese focaccia, pizza alla pala (it is cooked on refractory stones that’s why it is put in the oven with a shovel), maritozzi (typical Italian dessert), bread made with the finest flours and sourdough: these are only some of the tasty specialties that Sironi offers. All these products are made with high quality ingredients and[…]

Fratelli La Bionda: we combine innovation and tradition to serve high quality Italian dishes in Berlin

Located at 31 Bergmannstraße, it opened in 2008 and in 2014 it was renovated with a new concept both behind management and cuisine. The restaurant offers a high level cuisine in a really welcoming place. According to Piero Formichi the secret consists in quality ingredients, innovation in accordance with the respect of traditional flavours, and[…]

Parma di Vini Benedetti: sustainability and organic food Italian restaurant ambassador in Berlin

Simple recipes, quality, organic and eco-sustainable ingredients: that’s Parma di Vini Benedetti philosophy. Located at 31 Utrechter Straße, it is not a simple restaurant: it is restaurant, wine shop, delicatessen shop and meeting place at the same time. Philippe Benedetti opened it in 2014: “The concept behind my philosophy is counting on ingredients quality as[…]

From Tarquinia to Berlin: at Lava you could taste Italian burrata, panzanella, salmon carpaccio and much more

Avocado & pepper salad is served in a basket made of carasau bread (a traditional flatbread from Sardinia), Apulian burrata is brought to your table together with Tuscan panzanella (bread and tomatoes salad) and San Marzano tomato sorbet, salmon carpaccio is seasoned with aromatised oil with basil and pineapple & cucumber sorbet. Lamb meat, served[…]

From Brescia to Berlin: Gelateria Tosoni serves the best Italian ice cream flavours along Kreuzberg canal.

More than 25 years of experience in the field of artisan ice creams production: that’s what characterises Gelateria Tosoni, Italian ice-cream parlour inaugurated in Berlin in 2013, named after the namesake ice-cream parlour in Mazzano, in the province of Brescia, near Lake Garda. Read the article in German or Italian   It is located at[…]

Thal, Italian refined wine bar in western Berlin where elegance is the norm

Agnobianco, San Martino Masari, Pecorino-Beati, Pinot Gris-Anselmet, Fiano Pietracupa, Core Montevetrano, Ama-Castello di Ama, Maldafrica-COS, Fumin-Anselmet; these are only some of the prestigious wines served at Thal Wine Bar, a wine house located at 38 Wielandstraße in the district of Wilmersdorf. Here you could enjoy a glass of Italian and non-Italian wines with some Italian[…]

Pizzare brings authentic Neapolitan pizza to Berlin. “Our pizzas baking time is just 2 minutes and they are made only with quality ingredients”.

San Marzano Tomato Sauce, buffalo mozzarella (both smoked and white) coming from Roberta di Salerno dairy shop, Gran Biscotto Rovagnati cooked ham (Italian style ham), Parma ham, pistachio nuts from Bronte, Pachino tomatoes, 24 months Parmesan cheese; these are only some of the tasty condiments that characterise Pizzare pizzas. Read the article in Italian and German.[…]

Safè in Friedrichshain: “We serve Neapolitan coffee in Berlin since 2008, we love this city!”

Safé is a very small but pretty coffee shop. The atmosphere inside is quite distinctive: a flag of Naples and a picture of Toto and Peppino just above the coffee machine. It is located in Ostkreuz, one the liveliest neighbourhoods of the city; here, coffee is grinded instantly and it can also be sold at[…]

“La Pecora Nera brings the real Venetian cuisine to Berlin and offers the original Spritz for just 2,50€.”

Handmade Bigoli (an extruded pasta in the form of a long and thick tube) seasoned with duck ragu (Italian meat sauce) or sardines sauce, late radicchio risotto from Treviso, creamy salted codfish, cornmeal mush with Asiago (an Italian cow’s milk cheese), mushrooms and sausage, a special selection of Italian cold cuts and cheeses; these are[…]

Caramelized goat’s cheese, sardines “in saor” and the finest wines: that’s L’Angolino in Berlin

Caramelized goat’s cheese with salad dressed with blueberries sauce and balsamic vinegar, stewed Octopus served with fennel and salad seasoned with zucchini and mint, tuna Carpaccio, Seabass Ravioli (Italian pasta) with tomatoes and shrimps sauce, roasted calf with leek and potatoes pie and then coffee “semifreddo” (Italian dessert), tiramisu, buffalo ricotta mousse with mango fruit[…]

Culurgiones, Mallureddus and much more: Il Pastificio brings the real Sardinian cuisine to Berlin

Luca Columbu is 40, he is from Cagliari, Sardinia; when he moved to Berlin in 2011 he had a clear idea: opening a pasta shop specialized in the production of fresh pasta and Sardinian products. “People tell us we should expand the shop, but if we expanded the floor area we would betray our idea[…]

Centopassi in Berlin: “Our wines come from lands confiscated from the mafia”

I Centopassi is a smart wine-bar located in the Friedrichshain area, where everyday people from all over the world come to enjoy a glass of Italian wine, produced in lands confiscated from the Mafia, or to taste an Italian specialty. Fabrizio and Domenico decided to open the wine-bar in April 2014: “The wine-bar name is[…]

Francucci, the only Italian restaurant serving the original “Chianina” steak in Berlin

“The first time we brought the Chianina (an Italian breed of cattle) from Italy here at Francucci was in 2003. At the time nobody had never served it before and even in Italy it was not so well-known. You had no possibility of contacting directly the breeder, the only way was contacting a specific association[…]

Porchetta from Ariccia, mozzarella and marinated boar meat: that’s Cantina Sociale in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

“Let the food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” said Hippocrates in the 4th century B.C. and that is what happens everyday at “Cantina Sociale”, extraordinary restaurant and delicatessen, inaugurated in September 2015 and located on Zionskirchstraße, one of the most fascinating and smart streets of Berlin. The restaurant offers a great variety[…]

Cafè Aroma, the legendary Italian restaurant that according to the Guardian serves one of the 10 best brunches in Berlin

Lobster ravioli seasoned with rosemary and orange aromatised butter sauce, sausage with chestnuts and mushrooms strudel, duck breast carpaccio with apples, celery and turnips, Umbrian truffle, pumpkins, broccoli and much more; that’s Café Aroma, one of the most renowned and legendary Italian restaurants in Berlin. There is a fixed menu and new specials everyday: “It[…]

“Specialties from Basilicata, my mother as a chef and a suitcase full of stories: that’s my Muntagnola.”

There are people and places in the world that are destined to conquer your heart; regardless of their nationality, these people will conquer you with their values. Pino Bianco and his Muntagnola belong to this kind of people and places. Muntagnola is the name given to the restaurant but originally it was the nickname given[…]