Orecchiette, burrata and fresh fish… The restaurant Antillo in Kreuzberg restarts with a completely Apulian management

Grilled Calamaretti, Linguine with clams and cherry tomatoes, paccheri with sausage sauce and cantarelli, orecchiette with turnip tops, black noodles with fillet of tuna and pink pepper, grilled bream. They are just some of the specialties that you can eat every day at Antillo, a restaurant not far from the Marheineke Markthalle and the Passionskirche of Berlin. The owner, who gave new life to this closed haunt for over 7 months, is Luca Bruno, 30, born in Lecce. In doing that he couldn’t not emphasize the tastes of his land, Salento: “My land has been able to transform ingredients that were once poor, like barley, wild vegetables and blue fish, in amazing dishes now considered pillars of the Mediterranean diet. The meat was eaten only once a week or even a month. We compensated with a lot of imagination and the use of spices such as thyme, sage, rosemary and marjoram and remaining open to the contamination of those who have conquered us over the centuries, Byzantines and Arabs. We got from them the use of almonds, honey and cinnamon even in salted dishes. The result is visible to all people: when you eat Salentino you never stay fasting.”

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Antillo’s menu from Salento (and much more)

“We like to cook almost exclusively with fresh products. The menu is dominated by dishes of the day, but of course you will also find some typical flavors of my land such as Orecchiette and burrata, as well as some seafood dishes. That’s what bring us the greatest satisfactions: there are very few Italian quality restaurants that prepare the fish as it should be prepared, without combining too many flavors, but letting the simplicity of the taste of the fish to emerge on everything. We get the fresh fish delivered every two days. Other products, when they are not Apulian are still Italians and carefully selected: we have an exceptional hoax bell, the Piedmont truffle, the prosciutto Emiliano and a great choice of appetizers, always fresh and visible in the window. In addition to the menu Salentino, we also offer some classics of Italian cuisine: beef carpaccio, tonnato calf, the penne arrabbiata, the spaghetti carbonara and the potato dumplings with peas and mushrooms»

Luca Bruno and his story

I arrived in Berlin in 2011 and i immediately started working in a restaurant in the centre. Initially i was in the bar, but the kitchen was always my main interest. In my family i had many examples of exceptional cooks. Nothing professional, although when you cook in the South you never do it for a few people. Pretty soon i was joined by a chef who took me under his wing. I learned a lot, combining the basic knowledge i had, as a lover and observer of what happens in the kitchen, to a professional approach. After a long time the owners of the restaurant gradually gave me more and more tasks, moving from the kitchen to the managerial aspects of a local. A few months ago i learned about this place, Antillo, which had been closed several months after a management not exactly impeccable. And so i thought it was my chance to rebuild something from scratch and found an Italian restaurant that would follow my idea of quality to 100%. We opened in May 2018 and we were well welcomed by the customers of Kreuzberg, both Germans with the passion of good Italian food and from my compatriots in the area».

The place

Antillo is a cosy and elegant place overlooking the beautiful Marheinekeplatz in Kreuzberg. Its nice decor and warm colors will make you feel at home from the first moment. Being extremely spacious, Antillo is also the right place to organize dinners, parties or ceremonies.


Marheinekeplatz 3-4, 10961 Berlin

Open from Monday to Saturday from 11 to 23, Sunday from 15 to 23

Translation edited by Benardina Pjetri