M’AMA.ART, new Italian art gallery with café in Berlin

In the elegant and residential zone of Pankow, M’AMA.ART is now the only place in Berlin where an art gallery, concept store and Italian Bistrot Feinkost have been combined together. The wall is decorated with M’AMA.ART original design with an installation of the artist Chicco Margaroli, realised with red onions from Tropea, which creates a rich flowery composition. There are bottles of Italian extra virgin olive oil, red wine, Franciacorta, everything under the brand M’AMA.ART by Titti Garelli. Once you are inside M’AMA.ART in Heynstraße, 33, very close to Pankow central station, you feel like you are in another dimension, famous Italian elegance and lavishness, but at the same time it is perfectly integrated in the beautiful area of Pankow. In a meeting with the owner Alessia Montani, she explained the idea behind this amazing gallery.

What is M’AMA.ART?

M’AMA.ART offers an incredible sensory experience. It is a unique journey through Italian taste that is not just about food, but also art. It is possible to taste a delicious hot chocolate while admiring works of contemporary art. At the end of the visit, you could also buy a tasty bottle of wine with a personalised label to donate to a friend. “We have a whole set of products with our brand in partnership with artists and our products have been chosen according to a strict quality control. Confetti, marmalade, radicchio and olive cream, mojito cream, cookies, organic ketchup and oil, as well as panettone with 24 month-matured grape spirit, wine and Franciacorta: these and many more other authentic Italian products can be found in our place.

Why Pankow?

“We are in love with Panow, we think that in this place you can find the real Berlin, as it is an authentic area with local people. A place like this in Pankow is not the most obvious choice, and here people are not used to this kind of offer. However, this is a challenge for us, as we have the opportunity to create something new for an area we love. We already have people who come often to our place because they feel like they are at home. Many of them invite their friends as well. We’ve also hosted some cooking and art workshops. Besides, we organise concerts, parties, birthdays and more. There are exhibitions of international artists, but also film presentations, reading, and everything related to art and culture.”

M’AMA.ART is not just food, but includes fashion and design as well

“In the fashion field you can find jewels, shoes, perfumes and fabric. An example of perfume is “Ricordati di fiorire” (literally “Remember to bloom”), a fragrance of pear and pink peppercorn, which makes one feel reborn with its delicate scent. Regarding design, we have porcelain, wallpaper, and other home accessories and furniture. M’AMA.ART was born as a project that wants to combine with everyday life, a concept that is especially enshrined in the Italian culture. Everything we see, eat and wear can be art. This is the main idea behind M’AMA.ART. I’ve been a lawyer for all my life and I used to be a professor at University, but I’ve always been fond of art, which led me to to open the first M’AMA.ART in Rome. Berlin is the second in our journey, but definitely not the last one. We aim at opening a new M’AMA.ART in Istanbul. There, we’ve chosen another particular location, namely the old Ottoman district of Balat. We also want to organise a project called “art cruise”, a sail boat with exhibition on board with tasting of excellent food. The cruise will start in Marzamami, Sicily.”


Concept Store and Bistrot

Heynstraße 33, 13187 Berlin

Open on Tuesday-Thursday 11.30am-9pm, Friday 11,30am-10pm, Saturday 3-10, Sunday 3-9