The best “pizza al taglio” (pizza slices) in Berlin: choose your favourite flavour and enjoy it!

Zia Maria, the pizzeria in Prenzlauer Berg beloved from the Lonely Planet guide

Already ten years have past since when Zia Maria opened in Berlin. This pizzeria is well known among Germans and Italians as well as tourists. Zia Maria is known worldwide and it’s also present on the Lonely Planet guide. The first restaurant, in Pappelallee, was opened on 1st July 2007 by Roberto Palmieri. The second restaurant instead, opened in July 2013, from his collaboration with two of his best employees, Matthias Schlaak and Stephan Henn. This cooperation brought further success. In March 2016, according to a contest by Berliner Morgenpost, Zia Maria is placed first among the pizzerias where you can enjoy one of the best pizzas in town. Success that has grown over time and is the result of passion and hard work.

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Zia Maria’s Pizza

As the founder explains, one of the secrets of Zia Maria’s Pizza is basically the high quality of the ingredients. The light and crispy dough is the result of an accurate dosage and procedure, which are jealously kept secret. Most of the ingredients come from Italy.  Other ingredients, instead, such as fresh vegetables come from local producers and are delivered fresh every morning. «We try to avoid waisting food, we only order what we are sure we will use in order to guarantee every day fresh products of high quality» Matthias says. The tomato sauce comes from Italy, the mozzarella instead comes from a well known Italian dairy based in Berlin. «In this way we are certain that they use the italian method and fresh German milk and we are sure to receive a fresh product every day», explain all the owners. Zia Maria focuses on fresh local ingredients, Made in Italy products and sophisticated work process in order to offer a product of very high quality.


Zia Maria’s menu

Zia Maria gives you the possibility to choose among 25 varieties of different pizzas. But it’s not only about pizza. In the location on Winsstraße you will also find a delicious bolognese lasagna, made with organic meat, several types of salads and as dessert two different kinds of tiramisù, the classic one with coffee or with berries. Half of the pizzas in Zia Maria are vegetarian and the owners worked in order to expand their menu in order to offer a vegan selection. Currently customers can order pizzas without meat nor cheese, but for Roberto, Stephan and Matthias this was not enough. They now also have a variety of vegan pizzas «always made with fresh ingredients in order to preserve the real flavor of italian pizza» says Stephan. Vegetarians, in addition to the pizzas and salads we already have on the menu, in the next moths will also have the possibility to order a vegetarian lasagna with walnut pesto. The menu is intentionally limited because «Zia Maria’s idea is simple: not a lot of products but fresh and of high quality.»


The restaurant and the gallery

Roberto, the founder of the first location, is sentimentally attached to the name he gave to his restaurant: «Zia Maria is how they used to call my mum in our family. I’ve chosen this name to honor her and to feel a bit at home every day while going to work». Zia Maria is not only about food but is also a contemporary art gallery that offers regularly new artistic settings. As a matter of fact the full name of the two places is: “Zia Maria, Contemporary Experience”. Both the locations host contemporary art installations that change periodically every three or four months. Roberto Palmieri comes from the sector of art and design and because of his vocation he exhibits his creations twice or three times a year: «my goal is to offer, beside good food an original and pleasant experience, therefore we offer an enviroment always new and stimulating. For our exhibitions we focus on recent international artistic movements in order to offer to our customers a  unique sensorial experience of high level».

Pizzeria Zia Maria


Pappelallee 32a, 10437 berlin

Open every day from 12 to 23.30

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Winsstraße 21, 10405 berlin

Open every day from 12 to 23.30

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All pics: © Zia Maria

Translation edited by: Iole Basello