The main dish is “Holy Carbonara” whose final preparation is an actual cooking show in front of the customers eyes. Try also the amazing cocktails!

Cocktails and Italian cuisine of the highest quality. San Rocco in Berlin is already a must

Lemon slices and basil are on the counter, ice, Gin Mare, tonic water, salt and pepper grains are already in the shaker, tomato mousse will be prepared a few minutes later. All the ingredients are ready, in a couple of minutes we will be able to enjoy a fresh Blood & Tonic, an innovative version of the classic Gin Tonic. You can try it at San Rocco, based in Berlin, opened in October 2016, following in the footsteps of the same name and concept which found success in New York, Alicante e Valencia (e prossimamente anche a Milano).

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While watching the cocktail preparation it’s difficult not to think about Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s famous quote: “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.”

The ingredient’s selection, their dosage and combination was worth Fabio Brusco, responsible of the counter area, the title of world’s best bartender at the  Mediterranean Inspiration 2016 (Blood Tonic is his invention). As a matter of fact San Rocco is already well known here in Berlin by those seeking excellent quality in both drinks and food (about which we will speak later on).


Drinks at San Rocco. Just forget traditional cocktails. Some exceptions aside, San Rocco offers you only innovative creations or new versions of classic cocktails. From Cradle of Life (flaming cocktail), Django, Gordon’s Cup to June 5th Smash. The colors, the scents and the fragrances of each drink give you  the sensation of a new experience with every sip. But let’s talk about Rocco, this cocktail is named after the bar, prepared with rye whiskey, Campari, cherry, cinnamon and two secret ingredients. They also have about 30 different spirits, sorted by weather they are prepared with gin, whiskey, rum, tequila. grappa or vermouth.

The wide range of varieties gives us the possibility to choose among Woodford reserve, Blanton’s, Zacapa, Herredura,Monkey 47 or Brooklyn, all of them of the highest quality. After all, their slogan is “Every night is a party”, open every night from 6 PM until late at night.


Eating at San Rocco. Their main dish is carbonara, ora as they call it “The Holy Carbonara” whose final preparation is an actual cooking show in front of the customers eyes. Their offer is quite wide and goes from a revisited “poor” cousine to more elaborated restaurant recipes that point to starred guides but with satisfying quantities for both the eyes and stomach. Bruschetta with burrata, ‘nduja and pesto, polenta concia (i.e. polenta with cheese) with black truffle, lobster tagliolini or risotto with sea bass, sour cream butter and candied lemon or main courses like baccalà confit with sicilian caponata or Osso Buco Milanese with saffron rice. Only writing about some of their dishes gives me the munchies…and I still haven’t mentioned their pizza (classic or medium to thick crust) and their desserts.


The location. Located in Prenzlauer Berg, Greifswalder Str. 227, not far from Alexanderplatz. Inside we find two different areas, on one side the restaurant and on the other side the cocktail bar. Both the soft lights, the classy furniture and it’s cozy atmosphere make it perfect for a drink with friends or a dinner of high quality. Italian of course, but with style.

San Rocco Berlin

Greifswalder Str. 227, 10405 Berlin

Every day from 7.30 AM to 2.30 PM and from 6 PM

030 33027866