Who said raw vegan food can not be appetizing? The Rawtastic restaurant, located in the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg, aims to dispel the myth that those who convert to vegan crudism must refrain from satisfying the palate.

Rawtastic reimagines Italian cuisine through delicious raw vegan recipes

Who said raw vegan food can’t be yummy? The restaurant Rawtastic in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg aims to dispel the myth according to which those who become raw vegans have to give up on tasty food.

The menu of Rawtastic is extremely varied; the breakfast offer goes from chia, almond milk and bio fruit to toasts stuffed with avocado, tomatoes and vegan cheese. For the main course, you can enjoy falafels, burgers and soups. As a dessert, you could find tasty brownies or chocolate cakes.

Raw vegan dinners “all’italiana

Along with their offer of healthy yet delicious meals, each Thursday the Rawtastic team organizes a dinner “all’italiana” (the Italian way). In this occasion, you can get the chance to eat the raw vegan version of Italy’s best-known recipes, such as pizza, lasagna, risotto and panna cotta. The chef presents each time a new Italian dish that hadn’t been included in the menu before. You can both ask for a main course or a tapas version of the dish.

Rawtastic in Berlin

Since 2015, Rawtastic is the first entirely raw vegan restaurant in Berlin. Less than two years after its opening, the restaurant is already much appreciated; its clientele varies from many affectionates to always new clients, who wish to get to know the raw vegan cusine. The main aim of Rawtastic isn’t to force its clients to become raw vegans but instead to offer them the chance to enjoy healthy yet tasty dishes to be seen as a valid alternative to Berlin specialties such as curry wurst, kebab or pizza.

Next opening in Italy

Rawtastic is also planning a new opening in Italy; in Turin, to be precise. The brand is starting to cowork with another restaurant in Turin that will soon be converted to a 100% raw vegan restaurant, the first one in the piedmontese city. If you are lucky enough to live in Turin, you’ll finally be able to enjoy an authentic raw vegan brunch every weekend at Home Veg&Raw.

Danziger Str. 16, 10435 Berlin
Prenzlauer Berg