Smart and welcoming wine bar serving prestigious wines matched with high quality food in the wonderful Berlin kiez of Savignyplatz.

Thal, Italian refined wine bar in western Berlin where elegance is the norm

Agnobianco, San Martino Masari, Pecorino-Beati, Pinot Gris-Anselmet, Fiano Pietracupa, Core Montevetrano, Ama-Castello di Ama, Maldafrica-COS, Fumin-Anselmet; these are only some of the prestigious wines served at Thal Wine Bar, a wine house located at 38 Wielandstraße in the district of Wilmersdorf. Here you could enjoy a glass of Italian and non-Italian wines with some Italian specialties such as smoked quail with cabbage and peach salad, lamb meatballs, Robiola cheese and citron, buffalo mozzarella, mackerel. You could also taste a special selection of Italian cold cuts and cheeses like Sardinian pecorino cheese, Brescianella cheese, cheese from Altissimo, robiola (Italian soft-ripened cheese), donkey salami and culatta (typical Italian cold cut).

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Michael Neunhäuserer, 36 from San Candido (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy), and Adriaan Held, 39 from Berlin, are Thal Wine Bar owners. Michael is Italian-German; after having worked as sommelier in Milan/Bermuda/New York, he moved to Berlin in 2009 because he wanted to open his own wine bar. They used to meet at some wine and food-tasting events. Michael was a sommelier and Adriaan studied to become a cook. In the wine bar management, open since January 2015, they have a collaborator, Michele Scarcella, 53 from Palermo. “The basic concept behind our wine bar is proposing the authentic Venetian aperitif “ tells Michael. “As soon as I arrived in Berlin, I realized that there were no places offering such an aperitif that basically consists of a glass of wine with quality food”. It could seem strange but Adriaan himself is the cook, the only German of the three of us. “I studied a lot of cuisines, but the Italian one thrills me the most; I like the Italian cuisine because it consists of simple dishes where sauces never cover flavours. I think the secret of the Italian cuisine is its minimalism; let’s take into account our best dish, marinated mackerel, in which mackerel is simply seasoned with lemon, oil and parsley. It is a very easy dish and yet very tasty and appreciated.”

Behind their wines section there are Masari in Valle d’Agno (winemakers in Valle d’Agno, Italy) products. Moreover Thal wines come from every part of Italy: South Tyrol, Aosta Valley, Sicily, Lombardy. Cold cuts and cheeses come from Al Ranch di Valdagno agritourism, in the province of Vicenza (Italy), or they are bought through Guffanti family, an historical refiners family.

Thal Wine Bar is a smart place, it can host about 30 people; inside you could find a very chic and welcoming atmosphere. Inside the bar there are no tables, in fact the concept behind the wine bar is just offering a glass of wine after work, basically it is not a restaurant. “The idea behind our wine bar is that of a German Kneipe; we want people to come here and drink something after work, maybe a glass of wine matched with good food, like it’s habit in Italy” tells us Michael who explains that a glass of wine matched with food is not a forced match. There are no fixed rules but wine is always main protagonist: first you choose the wine and then food that best matches with it. “An example of good match?” “Grillo (a white Italian wine) perfectly matches with quails and cabbage and peach salad”. After having ordered your glass of wine and having chosen between dish or cutting board, follow chef Adriaan advice and taste fresh Robiola (Italian cheese) with toasted pine nuts and candied citrons, marinated mackerel or lamb meatballs!

Thal Wine Bar

Wielandstraße 38, 10629 Berlin

Open Tuesday to Saturday, from 5 pm to midnight

Telephone +49 (0)30 54710551




Translation edited by: Giacomo Martella