“No pizza Hawai here!” As you can read on the first page of the menu, only Italian ingredients and flavours here!

Olio Sale Pepe, the authentic pizza from Naples in Berlin

«Wir haben keine Pizza Hawaai und das ist gut so!» (We don’t serve pizza hawaii and we are glad we don’t): this is what you can read going through the menu of Olio Sale Pepe, Italian pizzeria not far away from Kleistpark Station, in Schöneberg. Luigi, not only the owner of the place but also the pizza maker, is 40 years old and comes from Frosinone and his business partner, Eduard, 49 years old, from Romania will welcome you and make you feel like at home. Eduard says «I’ve discovered this place and decided to work with Luigi, a professional pizza maker and a big friend of mine. Our dream was to open a place were people could enjoy a delicious pizza and good italian dishes of the highest quality.» Bruschetta, vitello tonnato, focaccia with Parma ham, bresaola with arugula and mushrooms. And that’s not all, one of their main dishes is the home made lasagna, followed by carbonara, pasta aglio e olio, pasta with ragù, arrabbiata and amatriciana. But the real star at Olio Sale Pepe is their pizza, prepared with care and patience.

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«I’ve opened this place two and a half years ago because here in Berlin I’ve seen all kinds, very thin pizzas, not well cooked, with too much yeast or with very hard dough. My pizza is this good because it takes at least 48 hours to prepare the dough. In this way the pizza stays softer, lighter and much more easy to digest» explaines Luigi. «80% of our dough is water that makes it much more hydrateted. We use very little yeast, only 4 grams out of 10 kg of dough. For the dough preparation we use the so called “poolish” techinique that makes this dough different from the other ones because it takes longer to rise. This process is made up of three phases: the first one consists in preparing a dough that takes 12 hours to ferment. You than work into the dough the other ingredients and in the last phase you let the dough rest in the fridge for other 12 hours». Luigi learned how to make pizza from Umberto Napolitano, director of the Pizza Schule, a german school for piazza makers in Berlin and it took him three years to learn this method.

The menu is quite simple, it includes all traditional pizzas: margherita, salami, mushrooms, ham, spinach, tuna. But it also includes special white pizzas like the one with rosemary and potatoes or bresaola, arugula and walnuts. «I like to offer basic dishes prepared with high quality ingredients» says Luigi. All the ingrediens come from Italy of course, «Tomato sauce Gusta Rosso, fiordilatte mozzarella from Agerola, De Cecco pasta. Every Sunday our suppliers also provide us fresh italian cold cuts and cheese». Olio Sale Pepe also offers a daily menu with special dishes like tagliatelle with mushrooms, risotto with scampi and seafood, penne with broccoli and sausage, and fresh home made pasta with pistachio pesto.

Furnishing is in Berlin style: tables are of wood in the rough, candles and lights create a very intimate and cozy atmosphere. As soon as you walk through the door you can smell tomato, the one we all know so well.

Olio Sale Pepe

Willmanndamm 15, 10827 Berlino Schöneberg

Open from Monday to Saturday from 11.30 to 00.30, Sunday from 4 to midnight

Tel. 030 55129975


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Translation edited by: Iole Basello