Italian artisan ice cream parlor and patisserie, where quality and taste are the key words and everything is rigorously natural and gluten-free.

Erste Sahne, an Italian artisan ice cream parlor and patisserie in Berlin

Authentic and pure flavors can be tasted in Erste Sahne, in Kienitzerstraße 116 – Neukölln. Here, quality and tasteare the key words and everything is rigorously natural and gluten-free. In Italy, Domenico Richichi used to work as a technical for RAI – Italy’s national public broadcasting company, while Sara Tricoli used to work as a professor of Near Estern Archaeology. In 2011 they decided to move to Berlin and, one year later, they opened their first place: Erste Sahne, one of the first artisan ice cream parlors in Berlin. Since then, Domenico and Sara have been working in order to spread the Italian ice cream and patisserie tradition.

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«Sara lived one month in Berlin in 2010, while I was in Rome. When she came back, we decided to change our lives. We had never produced ice cream before that moment and a good formation course was very difficult to find. Eventually we met Gaetano Guzzi – who produced ice cream in Santa Maria delle Mole, near Rome – and through him, we learned the art of the true artisan ice cream, the one made with the best ingredients, dosed accurately. We brought this art in Berlin and in 2012 we started serving ice creams and Italian desserts to Berlin inhabitants. We decided to use only organic fruit and milk. We buy fresh ingredients from a trusted Berliner supplier – but hazelnuts, pistachio nuts, oil and flours come all from Italy. We use only high quality Italian products: pistachio nuts come from Sicily, while the oil comes from Calabria and we use it as an alternative to milk to produce vegan desserts and ice creams.»

«Everything is made with passion; we want to delight our clients’ palates and that’s why we always try our products before serving them. In order to realize a good product, it’s necessary to use quality ingredients – but also experiencing something new is important. Before preparing an ice cream or a dessert, I always try many combinations of milk, flour and other ingredients. We really want to satisfy our clients’ wishes and we enjoy talking with them about our recipes. Furthermore, we try to serve other Italian specialties, like slushies, semifreddi and brioches stuffed with ice cream. Before trying them clients usually hesitate, but then they ask for a seconds.»

«Every products you can taste in Erste Sahne is realized by us, like the jam we use to stuff tarts, that contains few sugar in order to exalt the taste of the fruit. We prefer not to use industrial products because we want to know exactly what we offer to our clients and we also want to be proud of our products. Furthermore, we don’t use colouring, preservatives and hydrogenated vegetable fat. Another peculiarity of our products is the fact that they are gluten-free. During the summer, we offer sorbets and sgroppini, made with lemon ice-cream, water and prosecco (Italian dry sparkling wine). During the winter, we serve hot chocolates with fresh whipped cream.»

Erste Sahne

Kienitzer Str. 116, 12049 Berlin

Open every day, from 1 pm to 19 pm

Telefon number:+49 (0)30 22398185

Translation edited by: Federica Presta