Italian tradition meets creativity in this cozy restaurant. Taste its homemade pasta, organic vegetables and delicious recipes from Ciociaria.

Babbo Bar: Italian tradition and creativity in the beating heart of Neukölln

Food is both pleasure and culture, in this way chef Giacinto D’ambrosi talks about his homeland and its products throughout creativity and passion.

Opened in may 2016, Babbo bar is a small restuarant in the middle of Neukölln, between Sonnenallee and Karl-Marx- Straße, that everyday brings to Berlin the authentic tasting italian products, skillfully cooked by chef Giacinto D’Ambrosi. You can choose between three different menus: the daily menu, à la carte menu and a three-course set menu based on meat, fish or a veggie course. Both a wide choice for the customer and a lot of work for Giacinto, working alone in his kitchen, but able to turn a simple dinner into a real journey through flavours and tastes gifted from our land.

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The experience

« My cooking particularly tries to fulfil the ingredients. For this reason I only use the best products arriving straight from Italy. Through my food I’m trying to tell the italian culinary tradition but also my journey as a chef and my mediterranean roots/ heritage. Over the years I had got the chance to work with some of the greatest chef, including some star chefs. Working with them has allowed me to grow up and at the same time to develop my own personal vision of the cuisine, made up of love and passion, trying to share the affection for my own roots.»

Simple but surprising dishes

«A good dish is made up of fantasy, passion and high quality ingredients. Over the years I’ve got the chance to meet a series of small Italian producers with whom I share the idea that cooking is first of all a matter of passion and not only a job to make money. Working with them let me allows  to bring fresh products to Babbo Bar’s, products that preserve the fragrance of their land. For this reason the menu is always changing, depending on the season, and on the availability of products. Some kind of cheese and cold cuts come from small producers, that’s why they are not always available. Same thing about wine, mostly biologicals and naturals, coming from all over Italy. I’m trying to let my customers having a good time, and at the same time let them come to know and appreciate ingrendients that can representing me. The traditional recipes are reviewed according to my fantasy. Carciofi alla romana, cacio e pepe pasta, carbonara, saltimbocca alla romana are fixed on our menu, they are loved not only by the Italians. There are also most unusual recipes, as the red beet ravioli filled with Lucioperca with a herbs sauce, or a spicy monkfish on a aubergines purée with soft fruits. »

Babbo Bar’s menu

« Our customers can decide between three different menu, in order to please everyone and let our regular guests to taste always something new. There are the daily menu, à la carte menu, and a fixed three-course menu for the price of 25 euros. You can find this last one into three different versions: meat, fish or vegetarian. Since I’m by myself in the kitchen I’ve a lot of work to do, but I always try to meet my customers to describe the dishes they’re eating, from the ingredients used to the recipe creation. Before the dinner I always offer them a welcoming snack, for exemple a white asparagus soup, avocado cream, herrings with red onions, or a strawberry filled with goat and cow cheese cream. The recipes are based on seasonal ingredients, purely used, working on the dish presentation and on the combination of flavours in order to make the dish one of its kind. Trying to propose a simple cooking takes a lot of work:  pasta and bread are homemade and  always fresh, baked with italian stone-ground flours, so they take a different preparation time. In my kitchen fantasy is the most important feature but always with respect for my roots and for my mediterranean taste, that I want to share with my customers.

Babbo Bar

Donaustr. 103,12043 Berlin
Opened from Monday to Saturday, from 6 p.m to midnight
Tel. 030 – 56829000