Bosco, Italian tradition meets innovation in one of the best restaurants in Berlin

Rediscovering Italian cuisine flavors at Bosco, one of the best restaurant in town.

The culinary scene in Berlin is as sparkling and amazing as the music and artistic one. Bosco’s success comes from a mixture of creativity, innovation and caring for the aesthetics.  It’s one of the most interesting restaurants in Berlin, where you can treat yourself with a dinner that is a pleasure for both, eyes and palate.

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The new Italian high quality food’s ambassador

It’s been over two years since its opening, and the restaurant has already become one of the best bistro in town. Selected by many gastronomic guides, it became the Italian cuisine ambassador for the new Euromaxx program, 50 kitchens one city. It’s really appreciated for its ability to combine traditional recipes with a focus on quality and for presenting every single dish with an incredible care. Create, experiment and surprise are the main features of Bosco’s success. Located in Kreuzberg, one of the most hip neighborhoods in town, Bosco can win everybody’s heart thanks to its fresh approach to the Italian tradition, always remembering you that taking a seat at the dinner table it’s a pleasure. That’s why the team works everyday to make it possible for the customers to appreciate every dish and to let them become aware of the passion behind them.

Tuna carpaccio, Bottarga , Lime and Burrata cream

High quality products, carefully selected

«Looking for the best products is the base of every Bosco’s dish» Federico Testa, the restaurant’s owner, told us. «Italian’s cuisine is known and appreciated all over the world especially for the taste of its ingredients. Bringing these tastes to Berlin, means to build a relationship based on trust with the producers and, at the same time, ensuring fresh and seasonal ingredients. Most of the products we use come from small Italian suppliers, especially fruits and vegetables. We monitor the seasonality of every product in order to provide the best flavors to our customers and to let them discover the different characteristics of every ingredient. The ongoing research behind every dish allow us to have high quality products and to constantly think about new combinations. This can be applied also to the wine section, which are all Italians and mostly natural. The wine list changes and develops as the menu does: our aim is to let the customers taste the recipe features at the highest level and, in order to do that, we combine each plate to a different wine».


Fresh homemade tortellini

A non-stop discovering menu

«Our menu is based on three main elements: ingredients seasonality, products’s availability and creativity. Every new recipe is our teamwork’s result. Giacomo Meloni is our chef while Filippo Bena, Raffaele Baroni and Michele Scuderoni actively work in the kitchen. For us, creating a new dish means experimenting, trying new match-ups and reinventing traditional dishes in order to impress and surprise. Before including a new dish in our menu, we confront ourselves, sharing and comparing ideas, trying the recipe many times until we find the right balance of flavors. So, every dish has its own story and we like to explain it to our customers, letting them understand the concept behind Bosco’s kitchen.  It’s not always easy to go off the grid and prove that Italian cuisine is also made up of innovation. After more than two years from the opening event, we noticed a positive response from our customers and we are able to transmit them the passion that characterize our work. In fact, a lot of them come back to try other dishes, especially our risotto. In my opinion, this dish is the best representation of Bosco’s idea of cooking: risotto is made of simple ingredients, the good taste comes from flavors’ harmony and new combinations’ research».



An evening dedicated to good taste

«A dinner at Bosco has to be a moment dedicated to feeling good at the dinner table, having a nice evening, eating properly and having fun. Our attention for details, from the dishes’ presentation to the styling of the restaurant, reflects our care for quality, without turning it into an stiffed place. Bosco is a young and creative place, where you can feel at home. We like to tell our customers about the processing and the ingredients used for each of our recipes, trying to set up a complicity relationship. The answer is positive: people are curious and happy to discover something more about what they’re going to eat. These feedbacks make us proud, they mean that our customers understand and appreciate our cooking’s philosophy».

Bosco's oyster recipe

Wild oyster, pumpkin cream, lemon jelly, wakame and sea weed, parsley foam

Bosco's desserts

Chocolate cake, berries cream, ricotta cheese, crunchy almonds and pistachios from Bronte and chili foam.

Bosco's pasta

Homemade fagottini stuffed with braised rabbit, red cabbage, Jerusalem artichokes, bagnacauda (cream and anchovies)


Veal chop, prosciutto di Parma, panur of herbs, sage, onion, chicory, red and white beetroot


Croacker fish, organic artichokes steamed and deep fried, fava beans, peas, crunchy bacon and mint


Crumble, chocolate and nut cream, blueberries, pistacchio foam and wild herbs.

Bosco restaurant



Wrangel straße 42, 10997 Berlin
Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 7PM to Midnight
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 69567079