Pasta, paccheri with mussels, cacio and pepe and so on: enjoy the traditional Neapolitan cuisine at Lima Lima’s!

«What about Italian cuisine in Berlin? It is no longer necessary to cook a creamy Carbonara to be successful. The trend has changed. Now we are taking the risk by modernizing the traditional spacialties. We at Lima Lima have added on our menu: cheese and pepper “paccheri” with mussels, gorgonzola cheese gnocchi and lemon and other recipes, that back in the days no one would have ever dared cooking in Germany. Nowadays, on the contrary, they are our strength». We met with Daniela on a Wednesday lunch at the beginning of May. Stop by our restaurant to try out our lunch menu offer (8€ for a main course or a salad plus a drink or a coffee). The menu changes every week. We (we are a couple) were inspired by the awful weather in Berlin to give both the “penne alla genovese” (which, for those who don’t know, are made with a traditional Neapolitan white ragù) and fusilli with pepper sauce a go. The up-to-date menu is available on the website, however, there is a wide choice of dishes and even if you come by unintentionally you will absolutely find something appetizing.

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Neapolitan ragu “scarpetta” and tomato sausage sauce

Lima Lima’s delicacies. «It was the 21st of December 2015 when we started our business. Looking back in time to what we have done so far, we are but content and ready to look ahead. Rosario and I have tried to make out of Lima Lima a unique Neapolitan restaurant in Berlin since ever, by always choosing the Italian fresh and genuine ingredients for the best results.
We eventually managed to settle a menu to go with a weekly list of the dishes according to the seasonal ingredients. You will have the chance to taste some bresaola, salmon, pasta with salsiccia sauce, potato gateau, ricotta-filled ravioli, marjoram and lemon, maltagliati pasta with ragu sauce, king prawn tagliolini, bottarga spaghetti or sea urchin pulp spaghetti, creamed cod, arraganati anchovies (with garlic and bread crumbs made with lard, pepper and a typical salty biscuit from Southern Italy), octopus Luciana-style and lots of other dishes either based on fish or meat. According to the season, however, the menu can vary from ravioli with asparagus, wild game ragu, tuna or swordfish in summer to soups and so on. The ultimate goal is to not stop being creative and keep amazing our customers. We do not only consider Lima Lima as a restaurant but also as a cultural project into which we put our heart and soul».

Grand Neapolitan mixed fry

Lima Lima’s story. The authentic Neapolitan Rosario is the creative mind who stays in the kitchen. While Daniela, of German origin (from Neuburg), works in the front and manages the waiting tables. They met in Cagliari in 1987. Back in the days, she was 19 and moved to the island because of her father’s job; at that time Rosario was working as chef in a restaurant called Lima Lima. Together they gave birth to a great love and more properly to a life project that took them to Berlin for more than 25 years.

Marechiaro tagliolini (seafood) with sausage and broccoli rabe

Lima Lima

Schlüterstrasse 74, 10625 Berlin
Opening hours: Tuesdays-Saturdays from 12pm to 10pm
Tel. : +49 (0)30 31998384

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Translation edited by Debora Cioria