«Through Pizza Nostra I bring in Prenzlauer Berg my family’s recipes, four generations of pizza makers»

pizza nostra

Pizza slices, pizza rolls, focaccia pugliese, saltimbocca, calzone, lasagne, homemade tiramisù: these are only some of the specialties you can find in Pizza Nostra, in Prenzlauer Berg.

«Wir backen nach alter Familientradition und nur mit den besten Zutaten» (We prepare pizza according to our tradition and with the best ingredients): that’s what we read going through the menu of Pizza Nostra, Italian pizzeria not far away from the subway station Eberwalder Strasse. Giuseppe, the owner, comes from the province of Naples. When we arrive, he is waiting for us behind the counter of his restaurant, flagship pizzeria based in Prenzlauer Berg.

Pizza Nostras’ delicatessen

Like in the best Italian bakeries, in Pizza Nostra you can find focaccia bread, simple or stuffed, calzoni, pizza rolls with two layers, stuffed pizza, parigina (pizza dough on the top and puff pastry on the bottom), saltimbocca (veal meat wrapped in ham), pizza in slices or normal, to eat on the spot or take away.

Pizza, a family tradition

«I still remember when I was a child, I used to fall asleep on the flower sacks» says Giuseppe. In the restaurant he has several pictures of his family. The reason is simple: he owes all his success to them. Since several generations, Giuseppe’s family earned various bakeries in Pompei, near Naples, on the Amalfi coast. «Our pizzas are made according to a family recipe from the Nineteenth century, handed down from generation to generation. My grandfather and my great-grandfather were already bakers and pizza makers: they told me that yeast didn’t exist, nor did kneading machines, therefore to knead they used big tubs in which they used to put flower and water and they kneaded the dough by hand. It took at least three or four days before you could have the pizza dough. Now only pressing a button or opening a bottle makes us tired» he goes on smiling.

pizza nostra

Pizza Nostras’ Pizza

Despite all the facilitation that technology offers nowadays, Giuseppe still uses his grandparents recipes, and we can notice it while tasting his pizza. The products come from all over Italy, e.g. tomatoes from Sicily, mozzarella from Campania, cold cuts from the north of Italy. But according to Giuseppe the secret of his pizza is the dough: «you can have the best ham, biologic arugula, but if you don’t know how to prepare the dough everything is useful. Therefore the fermentation lasts 30 hours and we use very little yeast. Although the quantity changes according to the weather: to the humidity level, to the wind and to the temperature. When my uncle used to come to visit me, before helping me, he was used to going for a walk in order to understand how much yeast we needed to use. I stared at him, puzzled, but in the end he was always right.»

pizza nostra

pizza nostra

Pizza Nostra

Lychenerstr. 2, 10437 Berlin

Open from Monday to Saturday from 11.30 to 00.30, Sunday from 4 PM to midnight.

Tel. 030 41717000


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Translation edited by: Iole Basello