Vadolì, the true Italian pizza is made in Charlottenburg and arrives directly to your place


Vadolì launched its operations in the district of Berlin Charlottenburg only 4 months ago and it has immediately become very popular in Berlin. Its secret? A perfect synergy between modern technology and traditional recipes.

The interior design of the restaurant is contemporary and modern. Once you enter the flagship restaurant you will immediately notice the modern oven that the company had built in a collaborative project with Marana Forni. The front cooking approach allows all guests to see the fresh ingredients and the preparation of their pizza.

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On the right side, beautiful rustic walls and wooden tables make this place extremely authentic.«Since I grew up with food and catering, I have always had a deep passion for good food», co-founder Vincenzo Ferrera comments. «Vadolì is an online food delivery company on a mission to make high-quality pizza accessible. Our entire company infrastructure is designed based on this mission».


«Customers who order from home have to wait only 20 minutes to receive their order. One reason is that the gourmet pizzas are baked within 120 seconds only. The company uses special delivery bags that keep the food hot and fresh. “We designed every step in our delivery process for quality and speed».

Everything here is chef-designed. The company works with an exclusive network of food chefs from all around the world with whom they constantly develop new recipes. Valentino Libro, the pizza world champion, and Elio Corsi, the European pizza champion are some of them to name a few.

«Every month we organize events and tasting sessions that give us the opportunity to receive feedback on new creative pizzas.“ For example, few weeks ago we created pizza alla trota – a pizza combining cabbage, trout, white pepper and balsamic cream. Another special pizza is called Mama’s best – it is stuffed with pesto, sun dried cherry tomatoes, ricotta, pine nuts and chestnut honey».


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Kantstraße 55, 10627 Berlin

Aperto Monday to Sunday, from 11 A M to 11 PM

Tel: +49 (0)30 94871515

Translation edited by: Federica Presta