Fratelli La Bionda: we combine innovation and tradition to serve high quality Italian dishes in Berlin


Located at 31 Bergmannstraße, it opened in 2008 and in 2014 it was renovated with a new concept both behind management and cuisine. The restaurant offers a high level cuisine in a really welcoming place. According to Piero Formichi the secret consists in quality ingredients, innovation in accordance with the respect of traditional flavours, and the ability of taking clients at their ease organising events and private parties in a fabulous inside room.

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Pâté of lamb and caramelised figs on focaccia.

Pâté of lamb and caramelised figs on focaccia.

“I developed my passion for cooking when I was really young and I used to work at my cuisine’s restaurant during summer; In 2011 I decided to change my life and I moved to Berlin; here I knew Philippe Benedetti, the owner of Parma in Wedding, and I started helping him selling Italian products like Parmesan from red cows, meat, ham coming from Parma, in different markets of Berlin; it was then that I realised the importance of importing quality products in a city like Berlin that of course lacks of them. In 2013, when I moved to Neukölln, I knew Alfredo Sironi; working with him I learnt the art of planning, which flours are good for a product and which are not. In 2014 I knew Gianpaolo Caliolo who offered me to help him in managing his restaurant “La Bionda” trying to create a menu with all typical Italian recipes. It was not easy, but thanks to a great team we succeeded and clients seem to appreciate it really much.”


“In addition to our daily specials, our menu also offers a wide selection of tasty pizzas, starters and main dishes. We serve focaccia with garlic, classic pizzas or pizza seasoned with aubergines alla Norma (fried aubergines with ham, garlic and tomato sauce), or you could also taste our pizza La Bionda, with buffalo mozzarella, mushrooms and San Daniele ham. Every day we serve a special pizza using seasonal ingredients. Concerning starters and main dishes, we have tried, together with our chefs, to combine tradition and innovation: we have reinterpreted some typical Italian dishes and put in our menu some Italian regional recipes that are not so well known abroad. Clients seem to be satisfied and that’s why we are proud of our restaurant. “


“Our products are mostly Italian. Vegetables, fruit, cold cuts, cheeses as well as wines come from different parts of Italy. We only use high quality ingredients, some coming from “slow food” places and others, like buffalo mozzarella and other cheeses, are provided by “witheout” (mozzarella supplier). Flour we use in our pizzas and pasta dishes comes from a small firm in Piedmont that only uses organic wheat. Our mozzarella comes from Fior D’Agerola dairy, a slow food member in Campania (Italy). Tomatoes we use in our pizzas come from another slow food member in Apulia that supplies high quality products; we use Sicilian sardines and our wines mostly come from Collio (Friuli, Italy) and Piedmont.

In a city like Berlin where almost everything is form, we firstly aim to substance, it is no coincidence that we have a blackboard on our terrace where it’s written: “alle pizze fast rund (pizzas are not so round)”.

Fratelli La Bionda

Bergmannstraße 31, 10961 Berlin

Open Monday to Saturday from 6 pm, on Sunday from 5 pm

Tel:+49 (0)3063901770




Translation edited by: Giacomo Martella