Both creative and traditional Italian courses can be tasted at May am Ufer, a few feet away from the Berliner Canal


Regional specialties like Sicilian pasta seasoned with sardines, Milanese risotto seasoned with mushrooms ragout, the traditional ossobuco, pasta seasoned with fresh basil pesto and Ligurian potatoes. You can taste the traditional Italian cuisine at May am Ufer, a restaurant in Pannierstraße 32 – in Neukölln. Thomas Mudersbach – the owner – is German, but he lived for more than ten years in Italy, where he learned the traditional Italian recipes that today are served in his restaurant. He transforms traditional Italian recipes in original ones, using special spices or typical German ingredients and – as his attached clients can confirm – the result is always excellent, thanks to his passion and – most of all – thanks to the use of the best ingredients.

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«I started working in the restaurant industry when I lived in Milan, where I moved in order to attend a cinema school. In those years I learned some Lombard typical recipes: risotti, ossobuco, polenta (cornmeal mush). I worked in an organic restaurant – “Il Girasole” – where I discovered the authentic and genuine Italian flavors, that won over me. I think that the Italian cuisine is the best in the world: even a simply pasta seasoned with tomatoes could be a gourmet course, if the sauce is good. At the same time, I like experiencing different matches, using Indian spices, Japanese rice vinegar and Asian vegetables to exalt some traditional flavors. In my recipes there is also a German influence. Experiencing and inventing are my cuisine’s key words. For example, last winter I cooked a course of orecchiette (Italian pasta) seasoned with spiced meats and Wirsing, a kind of German savoy cabbage.»

may am ufer

«I look back with pleasure on the years spent in Italy. I still have many friends there and sometimes we meet each other. I miss Italy, but thanks to May am Ufer I can have less nostalgia: here I can cook the Italian courses that I like the most and let them appreciate by all my German clients. There are also many Italians that come here and with them I enjoy myself speaking in their language, to the point that someone thinks that I am Italian too. I also serve an Italian aperitif: cocktails like Rabarbaro Zucca, that I loved when I lived in Milan, Mondino, a kind of spritz made with a German herbs liqueur instead of Aperol. Who prefers wine can choose among many Italian excellent wines like Barbera, Nero d’Avola, Prosecco – but we also have German traditional wines. Day after day we offer different kinds of breakfast, not only the traditional Italian one. During the weekend we offer German and Turkish brunches: sandwiches stuffed with exotic fruits, bean sprouts, omelets made with fresh or organic eggs. We also serve our Italian homemade cakes. You can taste all these delicacies together with an excellent Italian espresso – Opera the Revolution, from Treviso – or with a 100% Arabic coffee – Blaue Bohne, a Berlin company.»

«When I lived in Italy I learned that passion and skills are not enough to prepare a good course – you need to use quality products and that’s why I use only the best ingredients. May am Ufer’s menu changes depending on the seasons and on the products that I find at Markthalle Neun, the place where I usually do the grocery shopping. The majority of my products are organic and come from regional farm families. I support slow food and that is the reason why I never buy my products from multinational corporations and big companies. I buy pasta, oil and olives from Santé, an organic products distribution company created by Remo Morlacchi and Piero Almasio. The bread I serve is produced by Endorphina, a Berliner bakery that uses only organic flours. Regarding cheeses, I met some boys coming from Campania that now live in Brandenburg – this permits me to offer my clients a regional and tasty Mozzarella di bufala


«We always try to let our clients feel at home and to become their friends. We often organize different types of event: concerts, reading activities, storytellings. During these events our clients can taste our specialties – we serve a three-course menu and a glass of wine. As a result, our clients can spend a pleasant evening, combining taste and relax – and we spend a pleasant evening too.»

May am Ufer

Pannierstraße 32, 12047 Berlin

Monday-Friday from 9 AM to midnight

Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to midnight

Telephone number: 030 62989911


Translation edited by: Federica Presta