From Tarquinia to Berlin: at Lava you could taste Italian burrata, panzanella, salmon carpaccio and much more


Avocado & pepper salad is served in a basket made of carasau bread (a traditional flatbread from Sardinia), Apulian burrata is brought to your table together with Tuscan panzanella (bread and tomatoes salad) and San Marzano tomato sorbet, salmon carpaccio is seasoned with aromatised oil with basil and pineapple & cucumber sorbet. Lamb meat, served with peas and fresh fava beans cream, melts in your mouth. These are only some of the tasty dishes you could find at Lava, an Italian restaurant located at 46 Flughafenstraße, in the district of Neukölln. Andrea Hoffmann and his wife Renata opened the restaurant in 2012; they also own another well-known Italian restaurant in Berlin, Lavanderia Vecchia.

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Lava is one of the Italian gastronomy reference points in Berlin; chef Andrea Angelino’ s dishes will easily win over you, after all as Andrea and Renata confirm: “we only use quality, fresh and simple ingredients.”


“We opened Lava in 2012, three years after having opened Lavanderia Vecchia. My wife and me have always loved Italy and its cuisine; we wanted to offer more unique and characteristic dishes than those of Lavanderia Vecchia. All we needed was a chef who could bring to table those flavours that we have always loved. It was summer 2014 and we hadn’t found someone who could do that yet. We were on holiday in Tarquinia, near Viterbo (Italy), and it was there that we met Andrea. Before meeting us, he had planned to move to London, where he had already worked as chef, but after having tasted his cuisine we wanted him in our restaurant at all costs. We decided that he had free rein in the making of dishes as long as we would have had the possibility to taste them before serving them. At the end of October we started our collaboration: now Andrea is free to experiment and we all together try to bring high quality Italian cuisine to Berlin.”


“What I do in my kitchen is experimenting without altering flavours. I arrived in Berlin with the idea of proposing an Italian cuisine that was different from that of typical Italian restaurants abroad. I use traditional ingredients, but recipes are the result of studies and researches both concerning preparation and matches. Our menu, created together with our two other chefs Hagen Frohnert e Yannik Hornborstel, periodically changes. Every dish is a balanced mix of flavours, without forgetting digestibility and calories intake importance. We removed sautéed, garlic and chilli pepper from our recipes so that all people could taste every dish of our menu. Pasta, bread, desserts, sauces, ice creams, mayonnaises and creams are all handcrafted products that we produce in our restaurant.”




“Our menu changes depending on what we buy when we go food shopping. We carefully prepare our dishes using healthy and innovative baking even for the most traditional recipes. For example we make our vitello tonnato all’Artusi (veal with tuna) cooking meat at low temperature and in vacuum-sealed and using a sauce made of egg white instead of mayonnaise. We also serve traditional dishes like aubergines savoury pie and fettuccine with basil and San Marzano tomatoes. We create international dishes with Italian products such as our Pink Burger and Green Burger; the first one is a veal burger with smoked scamorza (Italian cheese) from Irpinia, rocket salad, homemade mayonnaise and soft bread with beet & thyme oil, all sugar-free and without milk; the Green Burger is the Pink Burger vegetarian version: bread is made with spinach and it’s seasoned with ricotta, asparagus and allium ursinum (type of garlic). As regards our desserts, we prepare our tiramisu with our own sponge fingers, Lavazza quality coffee and fresh eggs, our panna cotta is made following our friend’s mother recipe. Our menu consists of both traditional and innovative dishes.”

“We have our own suppliers who guarantee us fresh products every two days. They are mostly small suppliers who buy products from family-run businesses and then they sell them to us. We personally know them and we know that we can trust their products quality. Most of our wines are Italian; we have friends who have agricultural holdings in Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany; wines we buy from them have Italian lands flavour. Flavours and quality is what we want to bring to Berlin.”


Flughafenstraße 46, 12053 Berlin

Telephone: +49 (0)30 22346908


Open Tuesday to Sunday, from 5 pm to 11 pm





Translation edited by: Giacomo Martella