Vizio Italiano – a new restaurant that serves excellent Italian specialties

vizioitalianoHomemade pasta, strigoli (the taste is similar to that of an asparagus), plin (a kind of Piedmontese ravioli), Gorgonzola lasagne, aubergine parmigiana, pumpkin dumplings, focacce, arancini, panzarotti, tater tots – but also many sweet delicacies, like tiramisù or pastiera. You can find all these Italian specialties in Vizio Italiano, a wonderful place in the elegant and central Friedrichstraße.

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Vizio Italiano was opened three months ago, on the 8th of June, by Marco Carraro and Lorenzo Mauri. «Since we have always loved the Italian cuisine, we felt the need to open an Italian authentic place» Marco tells us «Our place’s aim is to serve quickly our clients, offering them a good product. Quick service high quality Italian food” is what our mother offers to us at home» Marco jokes «We want to be like a mother!» At the root of Vizio Italiano there is a research realized in Milan, that has confirmed the fact that quality is fundamental in order to reach the success in a restaurant. «The authenticity of the food is the most important component, followed by the quality-price ratio. We use our grandmothers recipes and we adapt them to a quality restaurant.»


“A new concept of high quality Italian fast food and street food that proposes regional delicacies in order to pamper you” is the slogan of the restaurant. «We chose Berlin because it is the perfect city to launch a new brand with this mentality, even more curious and hard to please as regards good cuisine.» Vizio Italiano is the first experiment, but the owner’s aim is to open other places in the other European metropolitan areas. «Italian culinary culture is too precious to remain in Italy, it worth to be exported all over the world.»


Vizio Italiano

Friedrichstraße 114, 10117 Berlin Mitte

From Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 11 PM

Saturday and Sunday from 12 AM to 8 PM


Translation edited by: Federica Presta