Malatesta, the ambassador of the authentic Italian cuisine in Berlin Gendarmenmarkt


Here the authentic flavors of the Italian cuisine are shown in a modern way. The menu changes depending on the seasons: aubergine parmigiana, octopus carpaccio with fennel and lemon vinaigrette, San Daniele raw ham – matured for 16 months, Apulian burrata seasoned with cherry tomatoes and basil, linguine seasoned with clams, red beet ravioli seasoned with goat cheese, honey and arugula pesto, sea-bass seasoned with asparagus, Franciacorta sauce, mint pesto and baked potatoes, tagliolini seasoned with black truffle and Parmesan. In Malatesta, the Italian restaurant located in Gendarmenmarkt, you can find a mix of tradition, creativity and excellent products. Malatesta was opened in 2002 and since 2011 it is runned by Antonella Montesi, graduated in Germanistics and passionate of food service and cinema. Many guidebooks and cooking magazines of all over the world reviewed this restaurant, giving excellent critiques about it.

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«The design of my restaurant is the work of the well-known architect Max Dudler. My restaurant combines elegance, history and modernity – just like Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin’s most magnificent square. These are the characteristics that let me fall in love with this restaurant, that was a good opportunity to rediscover Berlin, the city where my son – Alessandro – was born. I have always had a passion for Germany and its culture– I graduated in German and English studies and, before 2014, I had always spent long vacations here. I wanted to bring the Italian culinary tradition in one of Berlin’s most famous and touristic squares; that’s why we created a group of professional Italian people, bound together by team spirit and by the desire of offering the best Italian products that the whole world envies.»


«Our menu offers fresh and high quality products. We regularly participate in food fairs and wine meeting in order to meet new producers that can provide us their best products. We use fresh products: fish, meat, vegetables and mozzarella all come from our trusted suppliers, both Italian and regional. That is why our menu is often different from the day before: during the summer we propose our homemade ravioli seasoned with shrimps, arugula and pistacchio cream, while during the autumn we suggest the Italian risotto with mushrooms and Parmesan, spaghetti with clams or our homemade pasta with ragout. We also have a fresh fish and meat selection and some gourmet pizzas.»


«Among our suppliers there are also wine producers, with whom we organized some culinary events and wine tastings. We have a big selection of wines – we serve famous wines like Vermentino di Sardegna and Malvasia delle Eolie, but also wines that are not so famous outside Italy. Many Berliners believe that these events could be a great opportunity to taste Italian specialties, combining tradition with modernity. We want to offer our clients authentic, but original, courses. In Mitte neighborhood there are several touristic restaurants, but people know that in Malatesta they will eat only quality products and authentic recipes. Quality, attention and care are the keys of our success.»


Charlottenstraße 59, 10117 Berlin

Open Monday to Sunday, from 12 to 24

Telephone number: +49(0)3020945071/72


Translation edited by: Federica Presta