Culurgiones, Mallureddus and much more: Il Pastificio brings the real Sardinian cuisine to Berlin



Luca Columbu is 40, he is from Cagliari, Sardinia; when he moved to Berlin in 2011 he had a clear idea: opening a pasta shop specialized in the production of fresh pasta and Sardinian products. “People tell us we should expand the shop, but if we expanded the floor area we would betray our idea of cuisine.”

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The shop is located at Richard Wagner Straße 35 in the Charlottenburg area. The menu consists of two types of pasta: “Culurgiones and Mallureddus: Culurgiones are famous traditional Sardinian dough pockets stuffed with Sardinian pecorino, lemon and mint and usually seasoned with tomato sauce; their wide and long shape is usually formed to resemble that of a grain of wheat. Mallureddus is a kind of smaller Gnocchi, made of semolina flour usually served with Alla campidanese sauce which is a tomatoes sauce, basically meat ragu, as it is made in Campidano, the south area of Sardinia.”


“We also offer a great variety of appetizers: grilled vegetables, fresh and aged cheeses, soups and Sardinian meatballs, the so called Bombas. Classic Italian desserts are also available in our menu, such as: tiramisu, profiteroles (a small case of choux pastry with a sweet or savoury filling), mascarpone cream with strawberries. We would also like to make the Sabadas, a typical Sardinian dessert that pairs divinely the sweetness of the honey with the saltiness of pecorino cheese, but as long as we don’t have a regular pecorino supplier we can’t make it. We serve 100% Sardinian wines: Cannonau and Vermentino.

You can choose the tasting menu for 20€ consisting of an appetizer at your choice, both main courses, a dessert, a coffee and a tonic liquor; you could also add buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto and melon for 27€.”


“When I lived in Cagliari I didn’t work in the food industry, I used to work in my uncle’s restaurant only in the summer. In Sardinia, culinary culture is so important that you can learn making fresh pasta and other typical dishes even staying at home. Here in Berlin I work with other three guys: Alessandro, Massimo e Marco; we are close friends, we’ve know each other for so long. There is also another friend of mine who helps us in the field of communication, and I have to thank her for all the things she has done. So we are such a 100% Sardinian family. There is no specific reason why we decided to open “Il Pastificio” in Charlottenburg; when we arrived in Berlin we visited many areas of the city, then we found this small space in a calm street near the metro station and we thought it would have been cool to open a pasta shop there.”

“Il Pastificio” participates in the 72hrs True Italian event (22.09.2016 – 25.09.2016), the longest happy hour of the True Italian Food in Berlin. For four days, with just 6 €, you can taste the best Italian food & wine specialties in more than forty Italian places in Berlin. Find more about the event, click here!

Il Pastificio

Richard Wagner Strasse 35, 10585 Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 22052328


Open everyday excluding Tuesday, from 6 pm to 10 pm


Translation edited by: Giacomo Martella