Zerostress, the legendary Italian street-food pizza now has its place in Berlin

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It is difficult to count the exact centimeters of pizzas’ diameter – probably 30- with the unaided eye. These slices of pizza with mozzarella, pumpkin, arugula and Gorgonzola cheese are cut in front of us and we could ask to warm them up – and they will sure satisfy our hunger, but not our appetite. If we look at the window of Zerostress, we will even eat two or three slices of pizza. The aesthetic look is as important as the calmness that prevails in this place, and the name “Zerostress” is the proof of it. Zerostress is located in Colbestraße 3 – in Friedrichshain district. Its history started on the 4th of September 2016, even if Nicola Marchetti – 32 years old from Lucca, Italy – started selling pizza in 2012 in its Zerostress Pizzatruck, a van that he converted in an oven. Nicola and his friend Stefano Benedetti have brought the taste of one of the most famous and worldwide appreciated Italian product. «The choice of opening a pizzeria came after a long time. During our trips by Pizzatruck we felt the need to have an adequate space where we could create an higher quality product and try new recipes.» Zerostress Pizza and Zerostress Pizzatruck are so the two faces of the same amazing project.

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«We only use Italian ingredients. We are very careful with the quality of our products. We offer different kinds of pizza and we try to combine different ingredients and to propose unusual flavors that can give pleasant surprises to our clients’ palates. Among our most appetizing pizzas there are the one with seasonal vegetables, vegan mozzarella and vegan pesto, the one with broccoli with the possibility of adding bacon and the vegetarian pizza. Furthermore, we serve vegan desserts and the Tuscan “cecina”. Obviously, what we create in our pizzeria helps us to improve the quality of our products – that we continue to sell from the truck.»

Zerostress Pizzatruck was established in 2012, when Nicola Marchetti – 32 years old from Lucca, based in Berlin since 2010 – decided to combine his two big passions: the one for pizzas and the one for vans. «I studied at the University of Padova, then I moved to Berlin. I wanted to do something new, so I started doing pizza. I took lessons from Chiara, an Italian pizza chef. The idea of being closed in a kitchen didn’t attract me – I love traveling and discovering new places. That is why I decided to try to combine my passion for cooking with the one for four-wheeled journeys. The result was the creation of Pizzatruck, a van in which I put a oven in order to cook pizzas. I started this adventure with Stefano, another boy from Lucca that I have known in Berlin – we started working together in Berlin markets. In the meantime we tried to bring our truck in some music festivals. The first time was almost a fortuity. The responsible of the Fusion Festival ate our pizza in a Berlin street market. She really liked it, so she asked us to bring our van in Mecklenburg. It was the beginning of a journey throughout Europe and during it we participated in many electronic music festivals and various cultural events. The work was increasing – so our team increased too. In fact, after some time Marco Allegri came with us.»


«Participating in many festivals with our van was really a wonderful experience. First of all, there is the trip and during it everything can happen- starting from perforated wheels to rainfalls that impede us to drive. During festivals we have to front terrible weather conditions and to satisfy an high number of customers – however, thanks to our friendship that allows us to work together without losing our smiles and calmness, we have always succeeded. This is one of the amazing aspect of Pizzatruck: be successful in very stressful situations and, at the same time, becoming a reference point for young people that are at the festival. They come to us with the awareness that they will find a good pizza and a place to sit, take a break and talk with their friends after many hours of dancing. It is during a festival that we met a boy that now is part of our team. Good pizza and good friends are our two typical aspects – both in festivals and in Berlin street markets.»


«The decision of open a pizzeria came after a long time. During our trips by Pizzatruck we felt the need to have an adequate space where we could create an higher quality product and try new recipes. That is why Marco and I decided to start our adventure in Colbestraße. Thanks to our pizzeria we have discovered the pleasure of having a place where we can work and have fun together. Our clients appreciate the fact that in our pizzeria they can eat tasty pizzas and – at the same time – they feel like they are at home with their friends. Obviously, what we create help us to improve the product that we continue to sell from our truck. When you love traveling, you can’t live without it.»



Colbestraße 3, 10247 Berlin
Telephone number: 0176 98296192

Translation edited by: Federica Presta