Tiramisù, bonét, ice-cream and panna cotta: Giorgiolombardi brings the best Italian sweets to Berlin


“Only stupid people are not gluttonous… we are gluttonous like poets, like artists…” wrote Guy De Maupassant.

How could we contradict him, as we have transformed one of the main needs – eating – in one of the main pleasure of our days? Italian people pay attention to what they eat since from their childhood and that’s why they feel various culinary nostalgias when they arrive in Berlin. There isn’t a shortage of recipes, but the quality of the ingredients is not the same of the Italian ones. An ice-cream parlor – bakery – little restaurant has been opened since December 2015. It is in Weinbergsweg 5, a little street that links Kastanien Alee and Rosenthaler Platz and – regarding the qualities of the ingredients – it has nothing to be jealous of anyone. Its name is Giorgiolombardi and in Italy there are other two places called in this way: one in Tortona and one in Nova Ligure.

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Piedmontese hazelnuts, almonds from Noto, Amorelli licorice, mint from Pancalieri and many other Italian products every taste is original.


Behind Giorgiolombardi – as you can imagine – there is Giorgio. He has worked with his wife, Lara – the creative mind of their sweets, for 22 years. «We are absolutely passionate about food. When we are in Italy, we can even drive for two or three hours in order to reach a restaurant or a bakery shop that someone suggested us.»

It all started 15 years ago in Tortona: «We opened an ice-cream parlor in a shopping center. I studied in a catering institute and I’ve always had a passion for sweets. It was difficult to convince people that inside a seemling mass-place there could be quality products but, day after day, we did.»



«We know that German people see pastisserie and café differently than we do. But here, like in every place of the world, quality is obviously celebrated and, once we have gained our client, we are sure that he will come back. Our workshop faces the street, so everyone can see how we work. On Friday – in the late afternoon – we offer a salt aperitif and the ice-creams have original tastes too, like Parmesan or pepper. Furthermore, every Sunday we propose our clients a savory brunch: lasagne, salt cakes, cold cuts, veal in tuna sauce and many other typical Italian recipes. We want to tell us apart, both in terms of quality and in terms of originality – but without betray our origins.»



Of which product are you very proud? «We are very proud of our Bicerin alla Torinese with espresso coffee, hot chocolate and cream – the traditional zabaglione – or the Moscato Passito (an Italian wine) served with cream ice-cream. All our delicaces are also our children


Weinbergsweg 5, 10119 Berlin

Telephone number: +49 30 50566195

Open Tuesday from Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. – Closed on Mondays.


Translation edited by: Federica Presta

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