Taste and genuineness are brought in Berlin by Futura

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Focaccia bread, pasta, vegetables in oil, fennel sausage, iris, maritozzi with whipped cream – Futura’s delicacies are all homemade. Futura is a little Italian restaurant, inaugurated on February 2015 in Prenzlauer Berg, in Berlin. «Food must be simply and healthy» explains Giorgia Cicatello, the owner. «I want my courses to be good and genuine, in fact I always ask about the origin and the production of the ingredients.» The pizza with octopus – seasoned with mozzarella, potatoes and arugula – stands out among the various ‘à la carte’ specialties. But Futura’s menu changes day by day, on the basis of what Giorgia decides to buy during the grocery shopping. For example, delicacies like spaghetti with mussels and clams, porpo ‘mbriaco or mint ravioli with swordfish are on the menu only when Giorgia finds good and fresh fish.

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Giorgia and Alessandro. Giorgia runs her little restaurant with Alessandro, that works in the kitchen. They decided to bring in Berlin the love for the sea and its fragrances, as their recipes and the interior design of their place prove. «Futura is our first experience in the restaurant business» Giorgia says «Since it was our first time, we asked to my cousin – Luca, professional and experienced cook – to work with us for the first few months. He helped us to understand how this world works, until we could continue to work independently.» Giorgia and Alessandro are from Civitavecchia, where they attended the Art Institute. Even before they finished school, they had already worked in Augusto Ceracchi’s workshop. He is a renown scenographer of the Roman theater and cinema scenes. Their training as scenographers is clearly reflected in Futura’s interior design, as the restaurant looks like an island in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg.


Cooking and art. The products used are all Italian. There are no multinational corporations among Futura’s suppliers, as Giorgia and Alessandro prefer small suppliers’ products and artisans’ ones. «Eating at our restaurant is like eating at your grandmother’s house: you can trust what you eat.» Alessandro’s recipes are synonymous with genuineness and care – they will delight your palates with their unique flavours. «But the aesthetic look is important too» the former scenographer says – and that’s why colorful courses like dumplings with eggplants, spaghetti seasoned with red chard and smoked scamorza, bigoli with arugula, cherry tomatoes and prosecco sauce appear. Futura’s menu tunes with the flavours of seasonal products and changes when the ingredients in the kitchen end.


…and that’s why it’s called “Futura”. The name of the place and the helm hung at the counter is all that rest of Giorgia’s father fishing board, from which Giorgia inherited her love for the sea. A faded and yellowed scroll attached to the wall reports the history of the restaurant – its words are like the last legacy of a pirate and a promise of genuine quality.


Wörther Straße 24, 10405 Berlin

Telephone number +49 (0)30 95603709

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 am to 11 pm, on Sunday from 1 pm to 11 pm. Closed on Mondays.

Translation edited by: Federica Presta

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